Experiments in Human Machine Symbiosis.

Projects developed for MAS.S60 (2-0-7): Human Machine Symbiosis 2017 in a group of 5 people.

SEA is a spatially aware wearable that uses temperature differentials to allow the user to feel the heat map of their interactions with others in space, real-time. By examining a user’s emotional responses to conversations with people and by providing feedback on a relationship using subtle changes in temperature, SEA allows for more aware interactions between people.

Emotional responses are analyzed and interpreted through the voice and the body. We used a peltier module as the base for the temperature change, and use BLE to get the location of users. An iPhone app was developed as well to allow users to get a more detailed view of how their relationships have changed throughout time (the app allows people to examine their emotional responses to people on a day-to-day level). Ultimately, SEA is a wearable that attempts to help people be more mindful of their own actions and responses in relationships and tries to foster and nurture healthier interactions.


Behind the scenes:


Navi is an interactive belt that helps in gaining awareness by pulling strings from the clothes the user is wearing.