Kinetic AR

PTC Reality LabKinetic AR

Augmented Reality allows us to visualize & control what is invisible to the naked eye. Using AR interfaces, motion paths & zones for co-bots in the factory can become visible. We present a system to control motion of an MIR100 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) in AR using only a smartphone. By performing spatial mapping with a smartphone, we are able to synchronize the environment recognized by the phone & the AGV. This allows for a seamless interaction where the user can control the motion of the AGV without any further technical requirements than a mobile phone. The user can visualize the path planning for the robot and the motion of the AGV along the path in real-time in AR. The synchronization of both environments allows for a usable manipulation where the AGV is aware of the position of the phone at all times. We envision this technology as a possible low technological entry barrier for controlling AGVs in manufacturing.