Paper Cubes

Paper Cubes is an experiment in DIY AR. With just some paper, scissors, glue, and a phone; anyone can explore how to make the physical world augment the digital one. You can use the paper cubes to control a crowd of stick figures – make them jump, turn, stop, you can even make them smarter with the AI paper cube.

Built by Anna Fusté Lleixà, Judith Amores Fernandez and David Ha with friends at Google Creative Lab using Unity and Vuforia.


Fuste, A., Amores, J., Ha, D., Jongejan, J. and Pitaru, A. Paper Cubes: Evolving 3D characters in Augmented Reality using Recurrent Neural Networks (2017), Workshop in Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. NIPS 2017

Machine Learning for Creativity and Design Workshop

NIPS 2017 Workshop, Long Beach, California, USA


Paper Cubes is a DIY Augmented Reality (AR) Platform that uses paper cube 2 patterns and an AR application to teach computational concepts such as Neural 3 Networks in a simple and engaging manner. We present an AR representation 4 of a Recurrent Neural Network in the form of stick figures that move in the 5 user’s physical space and evolve over time. We argue that using Recurrent Neural 6 Networks to drive agents in AR and in real-time can potentially help to generate 7 more interactive and engaging storytelling, gaming and learning experiences.