Smart Avatars is a new interaction system based on a mixed reality environment containing virtual avatars as a medium for the interaction between the user and the smart objects of the environment.

Smart Avatars is a concept based on a mixed reality environment created using augmented reality. From the emergence of augmented reality as a new interface to interact with our environment, experts have made great efforts to find new ways of introducing virtual data into the real world as a way of increasing the available information of tangible elements. Smart Avatars use augmented reality to create a new way of intuitive communication between the user and these tangible elements. With the mixed reality virtual objects are merged with physical objects generating a transversal environment where the virtual and the real coexist in the same layer. With this new type of interface, the advantages of the two worlds can be exploited to design improved interactions. This interface allows the user to interact with the smart object through an augmented reality dynamic interface and can configure the functionalities of the object at each moment based on his own needs. The aim of Smart Avatars is to redefine the interfaces for these new smart objects that can be considered as robotic entities with a new approach which aims to bring down the barriers between people and complex technology. There is no longer the need to have hundreds of input devices to interact with them because every augmented reality interface will appear when needed.

Publication: Smart Avatars: using avatars to interact with objects